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Forever Care is a complementary program to insurance

GPC also offers a fixed-cost monthly subscription program paid for, by the Indian Diaspora for managing the health of their parents in India or when they travel to USA. Program focuses on continuous care management and allows family to participate in their parents wellness through real-time remote health monitoring and online consulting with care providers. This comprehensive care program combines the services of many professionals working together with state-of-the-art medical care and treatment.


Self Care

  • Parents have access to doctors via phone or video, when in India or when traveling to USA

  • For Emergencies, Consolidate your parents health records in a HIPAA compliant, FDA approved platform

  • Allow Indian Diaspora manage health of their Parents in India with remote support from Doctors

  • Indian Diaspora take an active part in managing their parents health

Wellness Care

To monitor and improve the overall health of parents through a variety of approaches, including regular check-ups and therapy, counseling and education, and lifestyle changes.

Chronic Care

To prevent or delay the appearance of late disease complications, decrease mortality, and maintain a good quality of life. This care program considers the risk factors from co-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension

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Self care, Wellness care and Chronic care are not insurance offer. Its a Care India program offered by ForeverCare India

GetParentsCare is teh marketing and selling agents of ForeverCare India

Insurance provided by Get Yatra Insurance, a GetParentsCare Company

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