There are three different offers, Each one is unique in their offerings.
1. Insurance for Visitors visiting the USA : This is medical insurance for any visitors visiting USA for a short term. You can compare decide and buy from major insurance companies and make an informed decision. The rate are regulated by law and you get the same lowest price offered by any insurance provider
2. Self Care : It is a program that is complementary to Visitors Insurance when they travel to the USA or if parents need access to doctor at home.

   In 3 easy steps......

  1. As soon as you book the ticket to USA, Signup for SelfCare at ForeverCare.

  2. ForeverCare health care professional will schedule an appointment.

  3. After initial discussion, we will  help you to upload all your medical records to an HIPAA compliant data base.

  Your are all set, when you land in the USA, doctor will follow you Virtually or when           parents travel in India they have a comfort of talking to a doctor

3. Wellness Care and Chronic Care in India : This is a fixed-cost annual subscription program paid for by the Indian Diaspora for managing the health of their parents in India. Depending on the package, cost covers diagnostic tests, physician and nurse service at home, rehabilitation and therapy, clinical evaluation as well as patient education by our network of physicians.

Self care, Wellness care and Chronic care are not insurance offer. Its a Care India program offered by ForeverCare India

GetParentsCare is teh marketing and selling agents of ForeverCare India

Insurance provided by Get Yatra Insurance, a GetParentsCare Company

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